"I went to see Katherina for a Past Life Therapy session not knowing quite what to expect. Katherina quickly put me at ease and before I knew it I was ‘under’ and into my first experience. I have to say the session was extremely healing and it was fascinating to see that my own body knew what it needed to do to release the memories of the past. What made the session especially profound however is Katherina’s gift of intuition which enabled her to lead the session into places where I was able to receive guidance from the highest of levels. This combined with her ability to connect and bring through beautiful messages from her own guides made this session an incredible and unforgettable experience for me. I can’t wait to do another session. Thank you Katherina."

MD, Dublin


Before I had a session with Katherina I was very wary of hypnosis and past life regression. I am so happy I made the leap and gave it a try! I have had 3 regression therapy sessions now and each was a profound experience!  Katherina held a comfortable space that allowed me to connect with and heal on levels of my being I wasn't even aware of.

AH, Dublin


I have always had an irrational fear of blood and consulted Katherina on the advice of a friend. It was pretty scary for me as even to hear the word 'blood' had me nearly passing out. I was regressed to a place where the fear came from and where I could understand totally why I have this fear. I'm still not completely free of my fear of blood but I do now understand why I have the fear which has given me an enormous amount of comfort!"



“Thank you for the Family Constellation session today. I took your advice and took it easy after the session. 
It was as if the effects of the session were going thru my system like the waves that are caused when throwing a rock into a still pond...wave after wave until it is quiet again. I knew Family Constellation is powerful work , however it went deeper than I initially would have assumed. It has opened many new perspectives never seen before and allowed me to see some family members & dynamics in a very different light....it is a great deal clearer & feels so much lighter!!! I have no hesitance to recommend your work.” 

~ ND, Dublin


"Thank you Katherina  for how you have helped me. Since my Past Life Therapy treatment I have definitely felt a change in the way I feel about myself. Although it is subtle I know that I feel different. I am definitely kinder to myself and more assertive. Without your treatment I don’t think I would be as strong to deal with a difficulty I am now facing within my family. I seem to have so much more inner strength at the moment. I am forever grateful to you."
SP, Cork


'Katherina has innate ability to put you at ease and take you deeply into a state of hypnosis. I was very surprised at how deep I went, having been hypnotized before, but never to this level of extreme relaxation. Katherina was very adept at getting to the core of the issues I needed to address – some of which were blind spots for me, and after the session things began to change almost immediately. My confidence improved and I was able to move forward with my work with an increased sense of self belief. Thank you Katherina – you have a wonderful gift.'

LC, Galway


"My Life Between Lives session with Katherina provided me with the stepping stone to wellness of mind, body & spirit. It is, to put it simply, common sense healing. The sessions were immensely therapeutic, always comfortable and comforting, and this allowed me to naturally embrace the entire process. I was thrilled to see positive changes in myself within a week! I continue to enjoy my journey into self-discovery, self-love and self-acceptance, and I am most grateful to Katherina for paving the way for me."

AW, Dublin


"I had an amazing Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with Katherina. I didn’t really know what to expect, but what I received was incredible. I was able to receive information that helped make sense out of my life.   To be able to listen back to the session was the best piece of it.  Because it allowed you to process what happened from a different perspective. This is an invaluable service that Katherina provides.  I totally recommend this to anyone wanting to make sense out of their life experience."

 EA, Cork

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