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Trauma & Family Constellations is a powerful method for finding resolutions to deeply felt issues – from personal and relationship issues to issues within families as well as all the different groups that we are part of. We tend to view personal issues in the light of individual experiences. But many personal issues are stemming from entanglements within the familiy to which we belong. Because the roots of such issues are often outside our conscious awareness, resolution can be very difficult to achieve without accessing other levels of our awareness.


Interview with Katherina Kavungu about Family &Trauma constellations in her practice in Dublin


How does a Systemic Family Constellation work?

A Constellation is a simple therapeutic process: A person or client comes with an issue or intention that is connected with their current psychological and emotional life difficulties. Instead of talking about the problem or trying to solve it with our thinking mind, the Constellation opens a space and provides access to the less conscious aspects of ourselves, thereby allowing for change and integration of traumatic memories that underlie our life difficulties.

The client constructs their constellation by choosing group members (or markers in the private session) to represent relevant parts of the self, and family members if necessary, placing them in the available space according to an internal sense of the issue at hand. The constellation then becomes an external representation of the internal psychic structure of the person.

Once set up the representatives often have quite strong experiences, which almost always make sense to the client in a helpful way. It is as if once the ‘intention’ is set and the constellation is constructed there is a field of resonance between the client and the representatives whereby information and experience is shared, transferred and allowed between them. Often truths emerge that were held unconscious before, and traumas that have been split off are allowed to surface and be integrated.


How does this way of working help?

Systemic Family Constellations are a solution-focused healing approach and have the capacity to reveal systemic influences that are affecting our wellbeing. They are designed for individuals and couples who are seeking help with a range of different issues. These include:


•             relationship difficulties between partners, parents and children

•             loneliness and other behavioural

•             post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

•             illness, accidents

•             concern for the well-being of children and siblings

•             death, suicide, bereavement and loss

•             adoption, abortion and miscarriage

•             incest, rape, violence and murder

•             addictions and obsessions

•             family secrets and ruptures

•             divorce and separation

Constellations also serve people who are confronted with difficult choices, whether they are issues around personal direction, career or relationships. Constellations can help with this decision-making by giving you the unique chance to observe representatives actually embodying the choices in question. This can provide insight and clarity at an important crossroads in your life.

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