Prenatal and Birth Traumas

In the womb, the world we live in is very different from the one we know as adults. We live here through our very first life experiences and they become part of us. To understand ourselves now, we must understand our primal life experiences. Although we do not have the power of speech in the womb, we actually feel the emotions of our parents, especially of our mother and sense biological events in our mother’s body.  We interpret and react to these feelings and events often unsuspected and sometimes dramatic. As unborn infant we do not have a sense of ourselves as separate individuals. We tend to empathetically absorb our mother’s emotions without  being able to distinguishing them from our self. We cannot escape from these emotions. So how do the unborn reacts when the mother is in distress, fear or grieve? How do we compensate for being unwanted or an unwanted gender?
All these very early experiences can cause pain, fear, confusion, the feeling of being not wanted and traumatic memories. As a therapist I work with adult clients to help them release harmful emotions and patterns stemming from their experiences in the womb. The wounds of the past, although forgotten, continue to live on. It that sense, the prenatal self is very much alive within us and causing reactive patterns that are nut longer useful. Releasing the past is critical to our ability to love ourselves and others and to achieve what we desire in life.
How does Prenatal Regression works?
I use three processes to heal prenatal stress and trauma with. First you enter into a deeply relaxed or hypnotic state. Then you will go back to your experience in the womb and observe your pre-birth experiences. Secondly you will bring your adult perspective in to more fully understand what happened. Thirdly we release and transform emotions that were absorbed during the prebirth state. Through this process you will gain a deeper understanding of the origins of your present feelings and being able to release emotions which have limited and harmed you even as adult.
Healing Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Abortion
I also work with clients who experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth or an abortion. Some of them still feel grief, regret or guilt and have not fully released these emotions. What many people don’t know is that a mother is able to communicate with the spirit of an unborn child. And it is still possible even the child is not with us anymore. Many of my clients experienced deep emotional healing after communication with the unborn infant. I also use regression therapy to help the person to get in touch with the soul of the unborn being. It is an opportunity to let go of the guilt, grief or regret that has affected you.
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