Past Life Therapy

Everything that we experience in this life and previous lives is stored in our subconscious mind. Sometimes, something will happen in our current life that acts as a trigger and all of a sudden we have these unexplained fears or phobias. Although we are not consciously aware of these memories, they may cause a blockage or illness in our current life that stops us from moving ahead.

Past Life Therapy (PLT) is a therapeutic technique and involves going back to earlier lifetimes to retrieve memories, patterns and events that still negatively influence our life today. It can help you to understand why you react the way you do in certain situations; why you seem to attract the same type of partner; why you have chronic pain and why you don't get on with your mother-in-law. Past Life therapy can assist with fears and phobias and open doors to knowledge about yourself that you didn’t even realise existed, allowing healing to take place on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

PLT is also useful for recovering and integrating positive past-life memories and experiences, as well as skills and talents that were developed in past lives and need to be re-awakened for you to fully live your soul’s path.

Interestingly research suggests a belief in reincarnation is not necessary to receiving benefit from PLR. It can be a transformative and insightful process for anyone.


What reasons lead us to consider Past Life Therapy?

People generally have three basic reasons for seeking Past Life Therapy:

Therapy – The challenges we are dealing with today very often originated way back and have never been resolved. With PLT we can move through and heal the root cause of a present situation, resolve and understand karmic patterns, complete old unfinished business, lift old restrictions and blocks to healing, and gain a spiritual perspective of our life situation.

Healing Relationship  In the context of "reincarnation thinking", destructive relationship patterns stem from not only current life experiences but also past life experiences that we karmically carry into this life. These past experiences are usually traumatic to some degree and set up reactive behaviors or complexes that tend to surface in our current relationships. This is similar to more conventional thinking in psychology and psychotherapy where early life and family of origin experiences program us with dysfunctional behavioral patterns that tend to play out in relationships. If we take the idea of reincarnation into account, these patterns start to form in past lives and manifest in our current lives for the purpose of resolution and learning. 

Spiritual growth – Learning from the past can accelerate our own growth and help in the discovery of our own path or purpose. People who remember their past lives have a diminished fear of death because they know that they have lived before. PLT helps us to gain a better understanding about the purpose of life and the ultimate spiritual nature of our being. It helps to discover our core life themes and transform past-life imprints that limit our ability to manifest our soul’s path.


Most importantly what are the benefits?

There are great future benefits from exploring the past. By looking back you can avoid repeating the mistakes and pitfalls in your present. The benefit comes from experiencing and understanding subconscious patterns, feelings and memories. You can use the accumulated wisdom of your many lives to live and grow more fully and dynamically today.

By working with past life information it's possible to:

 Eliminate physical and emotional challenges by uncovering and dealing with the root cause

 Transform difficulties in relationships

 Reverse betrayal and victimisation

 Resolve power and money issues

• Learn why you face certain challenges in your current life

• Identify recurring patterns and heal painful memories

Process grief and loss

• Diminish the fear of death

• Access past skills and talents and put them to use now

• Recognize past friends and soul mates 


Your Past Life Therapy session - What to expect

 A PLT session can take up to three hours. That gives us time to establish your goals for the work and enables me to explain things clearly.

Once you have a clear idea of how the process works you are then guided into a state of deep relaxation or light hypnosis, which is a perfectly natural state that everyone experiences. Such as when daydreaming or just before you drift off to sleep. In this state you can gain access to deeper stored memories.

The past life recall is similar to when you recall a holiday, you may not remember it all but key elements will jump out.

The session is designed to help you gain insights into your present life conditions and the reasons for some key choices or beliefs and enables you to get a sense of your current life purpose. You will get the chance to identify members of your soul group who may have joined you in this life and in other lives and clear any unwanted baggage that comes with these connections. We will look at karmic lessons and see what needs to be resolved to ensure that the karma is clear.

We will work to heal and release anything that no longer serves you, especially unhelpful vows that might have been made. Often there may have been vows to maintain states such as poverty, chastity and denial that need to be cleared to make way for success.

One session is enough for you to get access to your past lives and it is possible that you may experience more than one life at a time. However, further sessions are completely at your discretion, it depends on how much exploration you would like to make into your past.

Re-living past lives in a safe and nurturing way can heal and release phobias, improve relationships and enhance physical and emotional well-being.

PLT allows you to step into a world of self-discovery and self-awareness, so that insights gained from the past can be applied to the events, situations and relationships in your present life.

Your entire session will be recorded and send to you via email.


How to prepare

The whole process is very easy and similar to meditation. People do not “get stuck” in a hypnotic state, nor do they “get lost” in their past. Just as everyone can recall memories from their present lifetime, most people can also safely access stored past-life memories with special guidance.

All you need to do is:

• Approach the session with an open mind

• Relax

• Concentrate

• Follow the instructions

This is how you will learn more about your inner mind and the continuity of life. Some people are satisfied with one session, while others may wish to continue with multiple sessions.



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