Regression Therapy - Treatment for ET Experiencers and Abductees 

Hypnotic Regression is a very helpful and effective way for getting to the source of a continuing problem, whether past or present life. Sometimes, however, the source of people’s distress is an experience that they may have had with extra-terrestrial beings. After practicing Regression Therapy and Past Life Therapy for many years, I began to find out that some of my clients had been having life-long experiences with extra-terrestrial beings.
These beings cause various responses in people, ranging from wonder, awe and enlightenment to extreme anxiety, phobias, and sometimes, inability to function. For people with any of these responses, Regression Therapy and integration work can help them assimilate and make sense of their bizarre experiences and function well in their lives, even though these experiences may continue to happen to them.
The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction
The field of therapeutic work with ET Experiencers is relatively new. The first case on record occurred in 1966 when psychiatrist Benjamin Simon hypnotically regressed Betty and Barney Hill to their disturbing abduction in New England. New to this experience, Dr. Simon concluded that the Hills must be suffering a "shared delusion." Although Dr. Simon admitted this hypothesis did not explain every aspect of the experience, he thought it was the most plausible and consistent explanation. Despite that the Hills and Dr. Simon disagreed about the nature of the case, they all concurred that the hypnosis sessions were effective: the Hills were no longer tormented by anxiety about the UFO encounter.
Since that time, unfortunately, many mental health practitioners have failed to acknowledge the abduction phenomenon. Many ET Experiencers are usually misdiagnosed, mis-medicated, and mis-therapied. This leaves them feeling misunderstood and worse than before they were looking for help. Furthermore, family members often laugh at them or call them crazy. They quickly learn to keep their severe anxieties about their experiences very private. Most ET Experiencers are not medically or psychiatrically disturbed. This is amazing, considering the intensity of the trauma they have experienced. They are actually normal people to whom very unusual things have happened. Now that the subject is aired more publicly in the media, they realise that their bizarre experiences are related to other abduction reports, and they may share their stories with researchers in the UFO field long before daring to tell a therapist. They are relieved to be taken seriously, and to have their experiences validated, but they still need therapeutic help to deal with them.
Regression Therapy and How it Can Help with Abduction
Trough Regression Therapy I support ET Experiencers uncover and integrate the buried memories. Fortunately, everything that has happened in our life is recorded in our subconscious minds, and as in past life work, it can be retrieved through regression. Some of these experience recalls are very clear and personal with great and extremely descriptive details. Others may only have a general sense. The recall of these memories enables ET Experiencers to gain new insight into years of possible misunderstood or unexplained behaviour. Troublesome issues such as panic, fears, phobias, depression and obsessive-compulsive behaviours that stem from ET contact often decrease or might disappear completely when the experience is carefully and competently explored and integrated. If you believe you have had an close encounter or an abduction experience then maybe I can help.
Indications of Having Abductee Experiences
There are many indications that a person may be an abductee. Some of the symptoms and findings from abductions are: Insomnia, night sweats, trembling, muscle aches and soreness, muscle twitches, clammy hands, dry mouth, palpitations, dizziness, headaches and migraine, hyperventilation or difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, hypertension, gynaecological problems, positive pregnancy tests with unexplainable missing foetuses, unexplainable appearance of strange lesions, scars, bruises, or burns, abdominal tenderness, loss of ovaries, joint or back pain without memory of physical injury, missing time.
What next?
If you are an Experiencer and are considering Regression Therapy, you should look carefully at a few facts before going ahead with your exploration.
1. Deciding to investigate the origin of bothersome UFO dreams, memories and experiences is one of the most important decisions in your life. If you learn that you actually have undergone UFO abduction experiences, there will be no turning back. Your relationship to friends, relatives, and even to the world might change. Therefore, you must undertake the decision to learn about your experiences with the utmost seriousness. There are many reasons for deciding against such an exploration. First of all, the timing may be wrong. Severe anxieties brought about by personal events (a divorce, a death in the family or other emotional upheaval) may provide an unstable background for pursuing this kind of potentially traumatic investigation. Whether or not you see yourself as having "emotional problems," you must nevertheless consider your situation cautiously. You must also think very carefully about the consequences of having your sometimes life-long "deniability" ended. UFO abduction recollections can sometimes be too upsetting and too difficult to handle under such circumstances. Any hidden experiences will always be there, so you can choose to investigate them at a future, safer time.
2. It is also important to remember that sometimes memories are not reflective of reality. People remember things that did not happen to them. They confabulate imaginary scenarios. They remember events incorrectly. This is especially a danger when an inexperienced, incompetent, or agenda-laden hypnotist is the investigator. You must retain a very healthy scepticism of all your memories.
3. If you do decide to explore your memories, you can expect new and sometimes difficult challenges in your life. Any freshly recalled abduction events may prompt new, unexpected revelations. You might wonder if these disturbing events could happen again. Unsettling questions about the possible involvement of your family could also arise. Recalling and accepting the truth of your UFO experiences can alter your relationships with the very people who are closest to you. Though some abductees find support from their family and friends, they are, unfortunately, in the minority. Talking about your UFO abduction can easily cause even family and friends to question your sanity. If your loved ones truly care about you, their concern with your mental health is an appropriate, and even loving, reaction. You must be understanding of their point of view.
4. There is, of course, another side of the coin, a more positive side. First, the exploration of memories can lead to gains in self-awareness accompanied by a lessening of chronic anxiety. Your conception of reality itself might be broadened considerably, and this could be viewed as a positive gain. You might be able to reassess your life with new information about yourself. This unique situation can give you the opportunity to change your conception of previous thought and behaviour. And, your desire to explore these experiences is, undeniably, a positive move toward your own well-being.
Once you move forward to explore your abduction recollections and you feel that they are based on real events, you might gain new insight into years of previous behaviour. Past actions, thoughts, and emotions might take on new meaning, and you may be able to explain them to yourself for the first time. The act of recalling previously unremembered events can sometimes relieve major problems related to the subject in your life. Some abductees have reported that they are finally able to sleep normally and to go about their daily lives free from anxieties related to these disturbing half-memories and "dreams." Through hypnosis it is possible to bring these events into "normal" recall where the abductee can ultimately come to terms with them. To see a previously buried traumatic event clearly and wholly is to begin the process of removing its power over your life.
For other abductees, however, the knowledge of what has happened to them creates a new set of sometimes difficult problems that they must now confront. Depression, sleep disturbance problems, and anxiety over the well-being of one's family are commonly described difficulties. However, people who have chosen to go through the process of finding out what happened to them with a competent hypnotist/researcher are almost always satisfied with their decision. 
Guideline by David M. Jacobs, Ph.D: www.ufoabduction.com
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